Got the Sunday Scaries? Try These 9 Things

Last weekend, I texted one of my friends to hang out. Her response: “It’s Sunday. You cannot pull me out of bed on Sundays.” I remember times when I related to this all too well. There’s a whole unspoken thing that Sundays are off-limits; they’re reserved for doing nothing and simultaneously stressing out about the fact that you’ve, in fact, done nothing all day. It’s that impending doom of a Sunday evening, thinking about everything you have to get done and accomplish that week. It’s more than just being sad the weekend’s over, and it can truly take away all the joy of a Sunday. I’m sure you’re wondering: Beth, how on Earth are you speaking in the past tense here? Are you immune to the Sunday Scaries? 

Nope, I’ve just conquered them. If I’m being honest, I actually enjoy Sundays now. 

After years of anxious Sunday nights spent alone coveting my precious free time and cursing the man (because of course it was) who created the 40-hour workweek, I’ve grown to appreciate the ample planning-time I get on a Sunday afternoon. Wondering how I’ve done it? These are my secrets to a productive Sunday (and in turn, a much better week). 

1. Chop your vegetables

The first step is obviously getting ready for the week, and while a full night of meal prep definitely does the trick, a simple and easy way to get ready without giving up your evening is simply doing the bare minimum to prepare your meals for the week. For me, it’s chopping up all the vegetables I plan to eat throughout the week. For you, it might be preparing the salad you’ll eat for lunch every day. Maybe it’s cooking up a chicken breast in the crockpot. You don’t have to put a bunch of meals in little containers to get yourself for the week. Whatever you can do to make your daily meals easier on you is worthwhile. 

2. Prep your coffee

In the same vein as a little meal prep, prepare your beverages too, namely your morning coffee. Make sure you have all the necessities: creamer, K-cups, clean mugs, your milk frother, all the syrups you love. However you make your coffee, get it ready for the next day. More of a Starbucks or Dunkin girl? Set your keys and wallet out and prepare your mobile order. No matter what, you know you’ll have some good caffeine in the morning. Honestly, thinking about how good your coffee’s about to be might even make you excited for Monday morning. 

3. Try CBD

First of all, if you’re not taking CBD, now’s the time to start. I love Equilibria because of how easy it was to find the right dosing for me. I was able to talk with one of their dosing specialists to come up with my perfect routine to beat Sunday Scaries once and for all. I normally take a Daily Softgel in the morning and use their Daily Drops at night, but when I’m feeling extra anxious on Sunday, I add in half a dropper of the Daily Drops in the morning as well to keep my stress at bay. Perhaps you could add some CBD at night, or change how much you take in the morning. I also have enjoyed adding baths to my self-care routine, and the Mineral Soak makes it so relaxing. After I take one of those baths, truly nothing can phase me. 

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